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Useful Information for your hammer.

2014 Parts & Supplies

25 lb. Parts

Little Giant Easy Helve Hammer
50 lb. Parts Mayer Brothers
100 lb. Parts
250 lb. Parts

Babbitting Supplies
"How to pour babbitt bearings in a Little Giant."
"How to make a babbitting mandrel."

Kerrihard Spring
Square Stock, 6 x 2 1/8 -  $90.00

500 lb. Parts
We have some miscellaneous parts for 500 LB Little Giants, and can make some new ones upon request. Call for price and availability.

$14 for M, L $16 for XL, XXL, $18 for XXXL

To order parts, we must know the
size and serial number of your Little Giant.

Little Giant Power Hammer
Parts Diagram
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SIZE: The size refers to the approximate weight of the ram and upper die.  Most Little Giant Power Hammers have the size of the machine cast on the flywheel.  The size may also be indicated by a letter, usually found in front of the serial number.  If it is not listed on either place, get out a tape measure and use the table below:

Hammer Size Letter Code Flywheel Diameter
25 lb. H 10"
50 lb. K 13"
Very Early 50 lb. K 15"
100 lb. P 16"
250 lb. S 24"
500 lb. T 32"

SERIAL NUMBER: The serial number is typically found on the side of the frame, either cast or stamped.  On very early models, the serial number can be found on the spine of the frame approximately 6" below the main bearing.  This was usually stamped in a spot that had been filed flat.  Knowing the serial number makes ordering parts easier and more accurate.

If there is not a serial number, compare your hammer to the styles shown below.  Click on the images for larger view and additional details.

Early 50 lb. Old Style Transitional New Style

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